We don’t just drop and go at the stair climbing company. On delivery of your stair climber we allow up to an hour for group training and sign off for competent operation of your stair climber.

Our trainers are experienced at delivering training courses on stair climbers to groups of staff with a mixed ability. Training packages can be arranged to suit all organisations from 1-1 to group and our most popular, train the trainer.

We understand that stair climbers may not be in constant use and recommend refresher training every 6 months and training for any new staff. It is recommended to deliver further training at the time of a service or LOLER test.

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Delivery & Training

Our commitment to accessibility extends to our seamless delivery service.

Once you’ve selected the ideal stair climber through our personalised assessment our dedicated team ensures a smooth and timely delivery and training.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free experience, our delivery process is designed to make the transition to enhanced mobility as convenient as possible. Trust us to bring accessibility directly to you.

We provide expert training sessions to ensure that you and your caregivers are fully equipped to maximise the potential of your new stair climber.

Our trained professionals guide you through the operation, safety features, and maintenance protocols, empowering you with the knowledge to use the equipment confidently.

With our comprehensive training, you’ll not only enjoy increased mobility but also peace of mind, knowing you can navigate your environment safely and independently.

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