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A stair climber is a great solution to move people with limited mobility or those with disabilities up and downstairs safely when there is no step free access permanently or temporary. A stair climbing wheelchair is a mobile battery powered device designed to provide access on demand.

The stair climber can be stored away easily and transported to other staircases or buildings when required, always leaving staircases unobstructed. There is no requirement for any alterations, adaptions, another reason our products are endorsed by historic venues such as the national trust.

A stair climber is a great purchase as a contingency for lift failure or planned lift maintenance. Stair climbers can be deployed across multiple sites and have the versatility to suit almost any staircase and landing space.

Site visits are available to assess the feasibility for a stair climber in your or your clients building. Our site surveyor will provide thorough risk assessment and method statements for single or multi-site visits. The purchase of a stair climber is a cost-effective method, while there are alternatives available they are both costly and require adaptions to the buildings aesthetics.

The purchase of a stair climber will always be provided with training packages and service plans suited to your company and with a 2 year guarantee.

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Hire a stair climber

Hiring a stair climber is a great option for a temporary solution in the event of lift failure and or lift maintenance programme. Facilities managers and estate management teams require an alternative solution when the lift is out of action to move residents up and downstairs safely or when there is no mobility access or step free access.

Hiring a stair climbing wheelchair can be a great option for hospitality events where there is no presence of a permanent lift. This can include outdoor events with temporary seating structures.

A feasibility find can be completed online, arrangement for delivery and training onsite at a convenient time with bespoke train the trainer programme and collection included so you don’t need to worry about anything, other than promoting ‘Step free’ Access.

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