Site assessments

The Stair Climbing company offer site assessments to consider the suitability of a stair climber, make any considerations and mitigate risk. A thorough inspection of the stairs, landings and any obstructions that could potentially cause a health and safety hazard is mandatory before making our recommendation. Where possible we will complete a site inspection report which takes into consideration the customer journey and any additional access plans. The assessment will also provide helpful to identify the most suitable training provision for the team.

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Virtual Assessment

There are a number of benefits for a virtual assessment. Once we receive images or videos of stairs and landings we can quickly identify a solution. This method is effective for clients that have an emergency, last minute requirement or have existing provision and require additional stair climbers for other locations. Once we have completed the virtual assessment we can move straight to deployment

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Mobility Redefined

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled service begins with our site visits, allowing us to understand your unique needs and preferences.

The personalised assessment is a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that the stair climber wheelchair rental solution we recommend is perfectly tailored to enhance your mobility and accommodate your specific environment.

During our site visits, we go beyond the traditional service model. Our experienced professionals guide you through the stair climber options, providing a hands-on experience that empowers you to make an informed decision.

This interactive session not only allows you to test the products under expert guidance but also encourages open communication, addressing any doubts or concerns you may have.

We believe that by actively involving you in the process, you can confidently decide if a stair climber is the optimal solution for your unique needs.

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Evaluation of facility layout and user requirements

The Stair Climbing Company offers free access assessments to facilities in order to determine the best solutions for their unique accessibility needs. These assessments are conducted by our team of trained professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of accessibility.

A Bespoke Assessment

During the assessment, our experts will thoroughly evaluate the layout and design of the facility, taking into consideration factors such as the number of stairs, their dimensions, and any existing infrastructure. They will also assess the needs and capabilities of the individuals who will be using the stairs, whether it be employees, customers, or residents.

Collaborative Approach to Address Facility Challenges

The assessment process involves a combination of on-site visits and consultations to gather all the necessary information. Our team will work closely with facility managers and stakeholders to understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by the facility.

Data Analysis and Tailored Accessibility Plans

Once all the information has been gathered, our experts will analyse the data and develop a comprehensive accessibility plan tailored to the facility’s needs. This plan may include recommendations for installing stair climbers, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, or other assistive devices, depending on the requirements identified during the assessment.

Promoting Inclusivity and Independence Through Recommendations

Our goal is to ensure that every facility is equipped with the necessary accessibility features to promote inclusivity and independence for all individuals. By offering free access assessments, we aim to provide facility owners and managers with the information they need to make informed decisions about improving accessibility.

No-Obligation, Unbiased Recommendations

It’s important to note that the assessment itself is completely free of charge, and there is no obligation to proceed with any recommended solutions. Our team is committed to providing unbiased recommendations based on the specific needs of each facility.

Conclusion: Enhancing Accessibility for Inclusivity and Independence

In conclusion, the Stair Climbing Company offers free access assessments to facilities in order to identify the best accessibility solutions. Our team of experts will evaluate the facility, gather information, and develop a comprehensive plan tailored to the facility’s needs. Our goal is to promote inclusivity and independence by providing the necessary accessibility features.

What our clients say

  • QD Logo

    Stuart Kern

    Director & COO

    “We contacted Emma & Chris at The Stair Climbing Company when challenged with an access problem at one of our properties in Chester. We took up the offer of a free access assessment and was impressed with the knowledge on access issues and potential solutions available using Skyline stair climbers. The process was smooth and informative throughout. We required a second assessment at another property in Battersea and due to its level of urgency the Stair Climber Company completed the assessment, deployment and training in a 48 hour period!!

    Highly recommend this company to deliver the high service they promise.”

  • Pablo Ramirez

    Head of Facilities

    “We have worked with the Stair Climbing Company now for 4 years and have used their services to provide on going annual service of our evacuation chairs and stair climbing units as well an annual staff training. We have found Chris and the team to be incredibly engaging when training and very thorough through all servicing procedures. I would highly recommend working with the Stair Climbing Company of all your access and evacuation needs…”

  • Blackstone logo

    James Mears

    Assistant Vice President

    “We contacted the Stair Climbing Company in 2020 with regards to fitting our Berkley Square building with evacuation equipment. Our issue was basement evacuation but after an assessment by Chris it was advised that their Skyline stair climbers would evacuate up from the basement, secondly all the evacuation equipment was supplied using our Blackstone colour pallet to meet the requirements of our organisation. The Stair Climbing Company have since provided the same service with deployment and training to our second London property, Dublin and Frankfurt branches. They continue to service all equipment and provide refresher training annually. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to assess their current building needs for evacuation, servicing and training”

  • Mercure

    Karen Johnston

    General Manager

    “Many thanks to The Stair Climbing Company for arranging for the purchase of a stair climber at our hotel, the company arranged everything from start to finish.  As the hotel is housed in a 15th century watermill, getting disabled customers around our property was proving to be difficult, now that we have a stair climber, we can provide access to the whole hotel for everyone.  We are now in a position to offer disabled wedding guests access all areas making it possible for us to expand our wedding services.”

  • Eastnor Castle

    David Littlewood

    General Manager at Eastnor Castle

    “Our Guides at Eastnor Castle found the Skyline easy to use. We would not be able to provide access
    for our mobility challenged visitors without it and the tracked machine provides safe access up a
    number steps to enable our visitors to visit our state rooms. We have a number of public events over
    the summer months so we want to cater for everyone.
    The Stair Climbing Company delivered our Stair Climber and trained our guides how to use the
    machine and we were very impressed with the service we received”

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