We were contacted by Mirium in April 2023 as she has a client who was recently diagnosed with MND. The client had been housebound at this stage for 8 weeks and time now was of the essence to support the family.

The home offered two stair options. The first was 15 internal steps up through the main front door and then 10 external steps down. The second was lot tighter but only 8 external steps out. We assessed both options and felt the second option was more suitable at this time. The client was a permanent wheelchair user transferring at this time by standing aid. We adapted a Skyclimber Touch to attach to this wheelchair and trained his daughter and son in law to operate the stair climber. The family choose the option to rent at this stage. 

At the writing of this case study, I can happily say in March 2024 that the client still uses the stair climber every day to get the client out into society. We adapted the stair climber after 14 weeks to attach a Rea Azalia Major wheelchair (Tilt in space) to further meet the needs of the client and his family.

  • Mirium May, Managing Director

    HCPC Registered Occupational Therapist

    “Thank you to The Stair Climbing Company for providing a full assessment of my client’s stair climber needs. Your professional approach and expert knowledge provided comfort and reassurance to my client who has hired one of your stair climbers with full training for the family. Our organisation has found The Stair Climbing Company helpful, incredibly responsive, friendly and easy to do business with.”

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