Occupational therapist, Louise Kimber, of Berkshire Council contacted us last year to arrange two home assessments for paediatric stair climbers, both children, under the age of 4, were living at home with severe disabilities and were having to be carried upstairs by family members. 

The bespoke seating solution for a child meant that the paediatric stair climber could safely help move the children up and downstairs in their own homes, it also meant that the family would have a solution that would grow with the child. Specialist equipment can take time to process and fund under normal circumstances and so we stayed in touch with Louise over the last few months.

On the 16th March Louise contacted us with an urgent request to supply the solutions for both families as a matter of urgency. The families were moving into self-isolation due to the COVID-19 virus. The equipment was adapted immediately and by Wednesday the 18th March the paediatric stair climber was delivered and training given to both families to ensure their families were as safe, comfortable and living independently in their own homes for what was to be the defining moment of self-isolation across the UK

Every day we are passionate and dedicated to finding the right solution to help others and do whatever it takes to support our clients. By providing a mobility solution for these two families, we have enabled them to not only change their lives but manage their everyday routines in self-isolation.

  • Louise Kimber, Occupational Therapist

    Disabled Children’s Team

    Amidst, all the craziness, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for staying level headed, focused and professional to enable us to get the job we love done and make sure two more children (and their families) remain safe over this period when we will be restricted as to how often we can go in and see them.

    The Stair Climbing Company has gone above and beyond and kept us up to date every step of the way. Often working late or in difficult circumstances to ensure that the provision of this vital equipment, to reduce the risk, was made.”

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